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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not yet dead

'Lost for words, blog craze dying' cried out the headline inside today's Times of India. An estimated 200 million (whoa!) blogs have been started and then abandoned, creating the internet's fastest growing graveyard. Millions of bloggers have nothing left to say.

But hey, I'm not yet dead. If I've been away for a few weeks, its not because of lack of ideas. Sometimes life overwhelms us. Running around in circles to untangle growing messes has left me little time to express myself here.

I'm still full of ideas as is the serious blogging world. Bloggers can and do continue to make a difference. Do check out the Wandering Author's blog. His latest post is a call to help children who cannot speak. And he offers an innovative and interesting way to raise funds to help victims of apraxia, which deprives sufferers of the ability to speak.

And that's the best way to lift yourself out of self pity and self-indulgence. Get out there and lend a helping hand.


Suzan Abrams, email: said...

Hello Moni,
Interesting graphics & looking forward to more of your posts.
I did read that the blog craze would peak this year and only the serious bloggers from the very start would continue into next year; that the rest would die off. Looks like it may be true.:-)
The thing is friendships develop. Sometimes, it can be one-sided because when the blog is abandoned, the blogger simply drops the commentators along. Yet, I've been lucky with some friendships that have carried on into real time.
At the same time, it is hard to stay detached. A Catch-22 situation. :-)

The Wandering Author said...

Thank you, Moni. I appreciate the help.

monideepa sahu said...

Thanks for dropping by, Susan and WA,

Susan, I see that you and I both value and respect on-line friendships. The NET gives us such a wonderful opportunity to interact with like-minded people whom we would otherwise never have met.

I don't think blogging will die out. Those who blogged to keep up with a fad will lose interest, but serious bloggers will continue to express themselves.

Unknown said...

Good post, Moni. I must confess to wondering about whether to continue blogging or not. I keep asking myself "what's the point?" and can seldom find an answer beyond "for my own amusement" - though maybe that's a good enough answer? On good days I'd like to think I challenge conventional thinking... But I'm not sure humans continually like to be reminded of their idiocy! :-)

BTW - I think the peak and die back that is likely to occur in blogging is entirely normal - all things go this way - a massive upswing at the beginning then a drop off and leveling off.

monideepa sahu said...

Glad to have you back, Atyllah. What's the sue of blogging, you ask? Doing something just for the fun of it is a great reason. It's what keeps you alive and open to possiblities, keeps you out of boring ruts.

As for me, these rants have led to ideas for two published personal essays (they call them 'middles' in this end of the world because some newspapers publish such short essays right in the middle of the edit page). Also written a short story which has attracted the usual rejection notes but no takers :-)

Ruth L.~ said...

Hi Moni, you know me from the IWW.

Blogging? It's a weird phenomena, isn't it? I'm new to the blogosphere, and just wrote my thoughts on blogging which will be published in T-Zero, a writer's ezine, in May. In the article I explain why I came to the world of blog. When I read your post it resonated with me.

Love the graphics. You've got an artistic, creative streak there as well as in your writing. See you back at IWW.


monideepa sahu said...

Nice to see you again, Ruth. Of course I remember you. Please share the link when your article is published.

Umm, artistic streak? I do mess around with watercolours sometimes :-)Hope to steer clear of the graveyard of has-beens and return to the Practice List soon. Look forward to seeing you there as well.