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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

surfing through time

This morning while net-surfing, I chanced upon a personal essay which was published in 2006. Its about SMS lingo, which was an issue with many then, and continues to be. So in four years, have we become more cryptic-monosyllabic communicators in SMS code? Has language in its traditional form degenerated due to the prevalence of SMS?

I think not. We continue to speak and write the way we always have. New words and usages are finding their way into acceptability as a natural process. Andno, we are not letting sms-isms spill into other forms of communications overmuch. thought the other day, I heard a character in a TV serial say he wanted something done ASAP (used as a single word). Thats just one acronym, and acronyms such as jeep have crept into language long before sms was invented.

here's my essay on sms inDeccan Herald