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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Coffee house adda

New Year's Eve was spent in enlightened company. Fellow Zubaan author friends Anil Menon and Payal Dhar and I met up to exchange notes on the stories cooking on our keyboards, and caught up with everything else.

Psst! Here's the news straight from the horses' mouths. Expect more great fiction from these talented writers in the year ahead. Payal's A Shadow in Eternity trilogy Shadow series Satin  kept readers young and old enthralled. Maya Subramanyam's adventures are continuing in Eternity, and we can hope to read about them soon. Meanwhile, her most recent books, Satin and There's a Ghost in My PC are drawing more appreciative readers. If you haven't read them yet, do it soon.

  Buy Book The Beast With Nine Billion feet by Anil Menon Buy Book Breaking The Bow: Speculative Fiction Inspired By The Ramayana by Anil Menon, Vandana SinghAnil was busy jointly selecting and editing the mind-blowing stories in Breaking the Bow, which offer original and highly imaginative alternate takeoffs on the Ramayana. He's also been pegging away on a major work of speculative fiction, aimed at adults this time. It's a complex and subtle story, he says, the speculative elements take a different turn from what we experienced in his first book, The beast With Nine Billion Feet. Will we see a sequel to 'Beast'? Anil smiles enigmatically, keeping us guessing and hoping.

Baaton baaton mein, we discovered that all of us can look forward to seeing our stories together in an anthology of love stories for older teens and adults, forthcoming from Scholastic

Steaming coffee and snacks at good old India Coffee House helped spread the bonhomie.
 This favourite haunt of yesteryear is now on a new location on Bangalore's Church Street. But the warm and cosy atmosphere remains the same, right down to the quaint furniture, slightly tarnished mirrors on blue distempered walls, and cheerful waiters. Not to mention the old favourites on their menu.

Coffee, much talk and browsing through bookstores later, it's time to take leave. A lovely note to end the old year and look forward with hope to 2013.


Gargi Mehra said...

Oooh I am so jealous!! It’s such a strange coincidence that I know all 3 of you! By ‘know’ of course I mean in an online way to some extent. Anil conducted a writers’ workshop in Pune so I met him there. I ‘met’ Payal through her blog and corresponded with her on email. You of course, from Writing in India group! Even though I am a lowly unpublished writer I would love to gatecrash these meetings of you brilliant writers and pick your brains

monideepa sahu said...

Thanks for dropping by, Gargi. This meeting happened by fortunate circumstances, since the three of us live in different ends of the country and planet. You're welcome to join in, if the stars come in the right position again :-)
BTW, I don't think I fall in any 'brilliant writer' category. just pegging away at the keyboard and doing what I do.

Payal said...

Oh, look that's us. :) Thanks for plugging my books, Moni. But you didn't say what you've been cooking!

monideepa sahu said...

Welcome back, Payal. All the best with the forthcoming panel discussion and stuff. Also, am eager to read about Maya Subraminiam's ongoing adventures in Eternity :-)