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Monday, June 16, 2008

blogging and networking on line

I just saw an interesting post on an on line network of Bangaloreans about a member being arrested for cheating. Some expressed shock that a member of 'our' on line community could be the kingpin of a scandalous scam. Others said, he isn't guilty until proven so. As members of the same network, we should offer this man support. Others said, we need to do background checks on new members, an expensive impossiblity in a community of 6000 plus. The majority seemed to agree that as in real life society, there will always be some unscrupulous people in an on line forum. It's up to us to verify and be sure before getting involved with strangers, whether on or off line.

On Saturday, I attended a discussion on blogs and blogging. The six odd people present didn't know anything about blogs. They only wanted to know how to make money from blogging, and whether you get stalked or harassed by psychopathic freaks if you blog.

difficult to explain to such people (they weren't really listening, if you understand what I mean) that you can convey a particular image of yourself in cyberspace and carry on with dignity. Not only that, you can make connections with amazing people you've never met.

It all amounts to lateral thinking and making connections. Many of us prefer to restrict ourselves to a narrow line of vision. Some wander off the straight and narrow and sometimes gain new insights from doing so.