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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Across the Pacific by Raft

It's been a spate of days when the sun plays truant behind dark clouds, when colds and allergies dampen one's spirits more than the drizzle outdoors. The best way to beat that 'under the weather ' feeling is to embark on an adventure. And a good book can be that ticket to a break from humdrum routines. I first read this book in school, and it continues to hold my interest.

KON-TIKI, Across the Pacific by Raft, is a true story of intrepid explorers. On April 28, 1947, scientist Thor Heyerdahl and five other adventurers sailed 4,300 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean on a small raft to prove a historical hypothesis behind Polynesian folklore. Legend had it that the South Sea Islands were settled by a mythical hero named Kon-Tiki. Heyerdahl and his team tested this theory by replicating the flimsy log raft used by Kon-tiki’s ancient race to cross the Pacific. After sailing from Peru and braving three months on the open sea, these bold adventurers sighted land – the Polynesian island of Puka-Puka.

The narrative can get slightly tedious at times, with somewhat repetitive accounts of how fish jumped into the raft and became a meal. The author could also dwell a little more upon the inner lives and thoughts of the men aboard the raft rather than describe the many whales and sharks they encountered on the way. But patiently read the opening chapters, and you will be rewarded with a gripping saga of adventure and courage of men against the wild and dangerous sea. This classic has been translated into sixty-five languages and enjoyed by generations of readers worldwide.


gautami tripathy said...

I too read it when I was school. I think I will look around, search for it and re-read it. Thanks for taking me back on time.

Lotus Reads said...

Yes, the satisfaction and comfort to be found in reading a book you have read and loved is hard to find elsewhere, except perhaps with an album of childhood photographs or a favorite meal.

monideepa sahu said...

Lotus and Gautami, thanks for dropping by. You're so right, Lotus. I'll add creamy chocolates or ice cream with a great read as one of life's msot fulfilling experiences :-)

Unknown said...

I remember being totally enchanted, as a child, by the idea of setting sail on a raft. It's an inspirational story despite sometimes being long-winded in the telling.
Nothing like a good adventure to set the spirit soaring :-)

monideepa sahu said...

Well said, Atyllah. and thanks for dropping by.