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Sunday, May 06, 2012

what makes me tick?

What makes me tick? or go clickety clack tippety tap on the keyboard? Millions and zillions of things, and sometimes all those things keep me so busy, I don't clickety clack for a while. But everything gets jumbled in the deep corners of my mind, and some day, when everyone's forgotten those things ever existed, they come out of hiding. First weaving themselves into little stories, then maybe bigger ones.

Here's a freewheeling and snappy little interview of mine in DNA YA which captures a quick snapshot.

Hmm, well sort of. Because every time I try to focus all those thoughts wriggling inside my head, the writing comes out different every time.

So what makes you tick? Even if you aren't eccentric enough to write or paint or... um do so called 'creative' stuff, the fact is, we are all creative in our own ways.

So what makes us connect ideas in our heads, and think of something new? Visitors here, please do share.

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