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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Violence as daily fare

Imaging: Yathi Siddakatte
The media swamps us with daily avalanches of mayhem and gore. Wars, riots, natural calamities, it's as though the TV channels and their sponsors just can't get enough. Newspapers, movies, video games, death and destruction is always a click of the mouse or flick of a page away.

Are we becoming insensitive to the travails of others? Are we losing our sense of humanity and becoming anal retentive thrill seekers?

Is the media to blame? A monster our to dehumanise us all? Or are we at the root of it all? The media is, after all, a human invention reflecting what we are.

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Sujata Rajpal said...

We are becoming immune to such news. Blast, attack...and our reaction will be 'how many died','very sad' and we carry on with daily humdrum of life. In my childhood, my parents used to encourage me to read newspaper daily.'Your general knowledge will improve,' they always said. But many years later, I first glanced thro to make sure there are no gory details then I pass the paper to my children. Why spoil their day by such thoughts?

monideepa sahu said...

thanks for dropping by sujata. My rant isn't jsut about bad news, but the way it is reported/presented, the impact it has on people, and how we can make a difference with a shift in our own attitudes