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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Riddle bangalore launch

Dear readers ,

Please do make it next saturday at 5 pm to reliance timeout, cunningham road for the launch of my new fantasy adventure novel for children.
please pass on the message to any young friends who may be interested.

about the book
Riddle of the Seventh Stone.

publisher:Zubaan books


Rishabh the rat and Shashee the spider are quite happy with the way they are: rummaging around in Venkat Thata’s wonderful, musty, dusty, rare herb shop in the heart of Bangalore. Until, that is, they stumble upon a magical powder and find themselves transformed into human children.

It’s not easy being a kid! There’s school and homework and wearing clothes and – yuk! – having to use soap… but even worse, their home is under threat from an evil moneylender known as the Shark.

Can Rishabh solve the cryptic clues that lead to King Kempe Gowda’s fabulous treasure before the Shark can get to it? Will the vermin survive Ajji’s herbal pesticide attack? Will Shashee be able to spin her way out of this tangled web of intrigue?

With the help off other children, friendly cockroaches, cheeky mosquitoes and a very Big Bandicoot, they set out of prove that no problem is too big even for the smallest of creatures.


“These are exciting times for children, with fiction such as Monideepa Sahu’s Riddle of the Seventh Stone — a unique take on ordinary events and creatures that we take so much for granted, things that get extraordinary in her gifted hands.” —Shreekumar Varma

“The author’s light and airy prose makes this book a delight to read for children and adults alike. She has a fine ear for dialogue and… conversations flow freely and fast….
A cracking good adventure tale.” —Shrabonti Bagchi, DNA

“A delightful tale…The fun and the excitement are enhanced by the spirited participation of an army of children, “friendly cockroaches”, “cheeky mosquitoes”, a Big Bandicoot and a troop of rodents…The illustrations by Pooja Pottenkulam complement Sahu’s limpid prose.” --The Telegraph

details of the book and the launch/reading.

Date: Oct 9th,Saturday

Time: 5 PM

Place: Reliance Timeout, Cunningham Road, Bangalore

Thanks and regards,


check out Zubaan Books


Aswin said...

Congratulations & all the best!

Saw a message regarding this on Caferati.

monideepa sahu said...

Thanks Aswin. Look forward to seeing you on saturday

Damyanti said...

Congratulations on your novel, Monideepa!

I met Zafar Anjum in Singapore, and he says you are the same Monideepa published in A Rainbow Feast of Short stories by Marshall Cavendish.

I'm also a contributor to the same anthology, and it brought home to me how small and full of beautiful coincidences our modern world is :)

Have fun at your launch, and it would be nice to hear from you some time....

monideepa sahu said...

Welcome back, Damyanti. Thanks for your good wishes re my first book. Ah, it IS a small world. So you're the same author with stories in A rainbow feast and L&L in Singapore. A warm virtual handshake across cyberspace and here's hoping we will meet often in future anthologies too :-)