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Thursday, July 10, 2008

food for thought

In an article in Mail Online, James Chapman says,

"Just two days ago, Gordon Brown was urging us all to stop wasting food and combat rising prices and a global shortage of provisions.

But yesterday the Prime Minister and other world leaders sat down to an 18-course gastronomic extravaganza at a G8 summit in Japan, which is focusing on the food crisis.

The dinner, and a six-course lunch, at the summit of leading industrialised nations on the island of Hokkaido, included delicacies such as caviar, milkfed lamb, sea urchin and tuna, with champagne and wines flown in from Europe and the U.S.

But the extravagance of the menus drew disapproval from critics who thought it hypocritical to produce such a lavish meal when world food supplies are under threat. "

There's much food for thought here. The spirit of Marie Antoinette rules.

I'm also thinking of many parallels, like the popular magazines that crythemselves hoarse over the dangers of plastics, and then wrap the hundreds of thousands of copies of their mags in plastic bags.


Shefali Tripathi Mehta said...

Monideepa, this is all so true. Have you noticed how some people at the grocery story wearing ‘say no to plastics’ and such will nevertheless asking them to put stuff in several separate plastic carry bags :) My book on observational humor is about such. I didn’t want to talk abt it y’day :) only coz it’s at a very ‘drafty’ stage. No Bindra attitude there, please! Liked what i read here. Will certainly come back for more - Shefali

monideepa sahu said...

Thanks for dropping by, Shefali. You've got it right. Instances of plastic overuse and such abound. doublespeak and hypocrisy rules!

Pradeep said...

Hi Monideepa,

Hope you are doing fine. I am back on the blogosphere; and with a new blog. Please visit it...