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Saturday, April 12, 2008

death by blogging

Compulsive blogging can actually kill, says a recent news report. Some folks who got into blogging reams of daily, weekly and monthly blog posts to build a buzz around products apparently could not cope with the hectic pace. One blogger, who earned a living from posting in gazillion blogs died of a heart attack while another with comparable blogging compulsions also simply fizzled out of this world.
Were these deaths a string of coincidences? Any overwhelming compulsion can stress a person out, resulting in avoidable health problems and perhaps untimely death. The spontaneous joy of blogging, or any activity, for that matter, is destroyed if one is under constant pressure to churn out a certain quantity of writing.
Blogging for pleasure sans profit can also sometimes spring surprise rewards. My writer friend Vinod Ekbote
recently won a prize dinner for his
blog .One success led to another. "The New Indian Express carries an
excerpt from a post from my blog in today's edition on the front page," he says.
"The excerpt, incidentally, is from the post I wrote about the prize
dinner I won for my blog.
Yesterday, the Editor in Chief of Random House India-Chiki Sarkar-
left a comment on my blog though only to tell Jhumpa Lahiri's new book
can be ordered online.
Blogging sure is getting me attention folks. I'm on cloud 99!"

You can win, and retain your health and sanity, and perhaps even gain some fame and money by being spontaneous.


Ruth D~ said...

Great! Recognition is nice . . . for the most part. :>) Miss you.

Pradeep said...

A joyful activity can also become addiction. Blogging is no exception. No denying the positives of blogging, like it's an easy medium of expression. Publishing and broadcasting has been democratised like never before. I think as addiction blogging may be better than many other more common addictions. Overindulgence is bad anyway, not just with regard to blogging, don't you think so.

monideepa sahu said...

Hey, Ruth, I see more recognition coming your way. Miss you, too.
Thanks for your thoughts, Pradeep. Reminds me, better write a new post now. Will never let this blog die from underindulgence, at least.