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Saturday, January 19, 2008

beyond 2008

As the new year unfolds, I hope my blog will grow along with it. If my posts were infrequent of late, there were solid reasons for it. The ideas came and vanished like bubbles. Thanks to the pressures of life, I rarely managed to reach out to the iridescent globes before they floated away into eternity.

True, as a friend suggested, I could have spewn out a stream of random posts on anything like, you know, recipes. I'm a respectable cook and will share recipes with friends, but not here on this blog. This began as a 'thoughtful blog', and I intend to continue on those lines without compromising on quality. By thoughts, I don't mean "listen to my rambling rants as I slouch on the beanbag and count the hairs on my arm" sort of thing. I respect my readers' intelligence as much as my own. I don't care to waste my time reading other people rambling about what they ate for lunch, and I won't impose such pointless trivia on others.

The thoughts will continue; on life, on books and writing,and insights from reading and interaction with authors for my literary column.

The posts will come at least once a week.



Ruth D~ said...

I'll be checking in to hear what you're thinking, Moni. I'm glad you stuck to a "thoughtful" blog. There is so little depth of ideas, because it takes time. Sometimes my thoughts come so fast, I have to pick and choose, and let some go, other times I wait and wait for an idea to blog.

Glad you're back.

monideepa said...

Thanks for dropping by, Ruth.and thanks for encouraging me to stick to 'thoughtful' ideas :-)